Beauty and the Brains

When my friend Samira showed me her literary nails, featuring the texts of Foucault, I knew I had to share her brainy fashion statement with you. Though text purists will probably recognize Derrida on the featured photo: “… I am very satisfied with the result. It’s cool, Derrida is telling what is it to learn how to live and how to die, on my nails!! ;)”

Samira Nails


For ladies (and gentelmen, why not) who wish to try the same Samira points us to an online manual for publishing text on your nails.

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  1. hm. so how is this not banal but political? :)

    • Don’t you know we’re all about the political through the banal? Also, when you still meet people who are surprised Middle Easterners read books at all, imagine what it does to their poor brain synapses when they read about Iranian girls with Derrida and Foucault on their nails.

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