Inglourious Basterds


Joke mail received from an Iranian friend:

There isn’t an office where Adam and Eve’s marriage is registered. There was also no mullah present to wed them. You poor souls are all bastards. Sincerely, Sheytan.


(Egyptian) Arabic insults:

Ibn Haram – Bastard (literally: Son of Sin)
Ibn Sharmoota – Son of a whore
Ibn Mitnaka – Son of a fucked one
Ibn Raghas – Son of a dancer


(thanks T.)


Dutch dancer and filmmaker Philip Rachid explores his Kurdish roots by traveling to the land of his father. He deals with issues surrounding spousal abuse and family honor in his short film Zol’a (Bastard)

Zol’a trailer from soultrotter on Vimeo.

(For Dutch readers, here’s an article on Philip’s work)

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  1. Absolutely love the initiative and the trailer of that film. I got goosebumps :D. Well done Sahand!

  2. Thanks bro. Philip’s in Dubai at the moment, I’m sure he’ll be back with great stories and amazing projects. I also haven’t seen the full film, I’ll ask him for a copy so we can watch it together.

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