The best response that we received was people telling us the posts on oral sex motivated them to speak about it with their own friends! So we hope that after this last post you keep discussing and sharing it. Now in the mean time, here’s some lines that were sent to us. As in our previous post the names have to changed to ensure the privacy and safety of those who contacted us.

First of Nargess, Iranian journalist, writes us that she never had a problem with oral sex, but knew of two Iranian men who did:

From the first time I had oral sex it felt completely natural to me. I think it was around the age of 17 or 18 when I experienced it, at the same time as when I became sexually active. I never felt repulsed or ashamed by it. Quite the opposite, I think it adds to the enjoyment. My only limit is the hygiene of myself or my partner, but this is not strictly related to oral sex. Even when I french kiss and I smell bad breath it doesn’t give me a good feeling. I think this is related to my sensitive sense of smell. Now the funny thing is that I’ve been intimate with two Iranian men who refused to have or give oral sex. And both couldn’t French kiss!

Next Iranian musician Karim writes us about his own shame as a man after reading about a girl and her “dirty” part:

I would like to add that even for me the first time that an older and more experienced girl was going to give me the pleasure of oral sex, I had the exact issue with it! For the same reason of cleanness and thinking that it’s a horrible thing to do to that poor woman! I was 16 back then, off course now things are very different.

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