Pharrell’s song Happy is pretty much the soundtrack of the moment. And why not, a song that celebrates joy? Part of the rage is to create localized videoclips to go along with the song, so there’s a Happy video from Kuwait, from Slowakia, from Tehran and many more places.

So how great when a video comes out featuring members of the Muslim community of the UK! So many happy dancing people show that whatever our religion we are all creatures of movement and fun:

Now, after enjoying that video have a look at the bottom video, which is a recut of the above. Still a pretty happy affair yes? But this one is deemed (almost) Halal by the uploader:

What is the difference between the two videos? Dancing women and all the instruments are cut out. Let that sink in for a minute. The difference between a sinfull and sinless video on happiness is the inclusion of instruments and dancing women.

Apparently the uploader of the video isn’t the only person bothered by the dancing women. Here’s a full hour long debate between believers who support and oppose the video: