As we continue focussing on India’s sexual issues, here’s a mail that our good friend Amrita shared with us:

I’m really glad you’re devoting space on Silk Rope to Section 377. The re-banning of homosexuality makes a lot of Indians sick to our stomachs – India which (theoretically) has a culture of accepting and appropriating and celebrating differences. As you well know, homosexuality was not unknown in ancient India – the ban is a relatively recent relic of British colonialism. Here is an article that talks about the British empire’s impact on the criminalization of homosexuality world-wide – it’s an interesting article but seems slightly islamophobic to me.

Do read the article, even if you don’t agree with all of it. Also, some of the discussion going on in the comment section of the article is actually interesting and informative.

Amrita is not the only young Indian disgusted by section 377. The Indian site Youth Ki Awaaz, one of the largest platforms for youth to discuss social issues, has been amazing in condemning section 377 in creative and heartbreaking posts.

Here are our favorite posts, but if you look around the site you’ll find many more articles, both on queer issues as well as other issues that have to do with today’s India.

Here’s an article with opinions of a few 15 and 16 year olds on the law. Knowing that such smart kids are out there will bring a tear to your eye.

youth ki awaaz

From the same site a great poem which describes how a law that abolishes “unnatural sex” affects everyone, not just queer folk.


And finally, a moving selection of portraits of Nepal, Bangladesh and India’s queer community: