Life in the streets of Cairo, Istanbul, Tehran and Delhi is highly sexualized. Looks and sighs and orgasms are just around the corner. Yet to talk of it is the great taboo.┬áSure… we boast to friends. But how much of our secret lives do we share with our parents and children, teachers and pupils? What do we reveal to potential lovers?

The Silk Rope Chronicles is about unveiling the taboos through personal stories and debates. It’s not about offending, though there’s lots you might want to avoid if the human body and its desires offend you. It’s about revealing currents that have existed in our societies for centuries. Want to join the sexual revolution in the Orient? You’re late to the party, it’s been going on for centuries. But you’re still welcome.

It’s also about healing and moving on as a culture. How healthy is a society when religious leaders and social norms shame us into denying a very important part of the human experience?

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Silk Road Chronicles