Now for something less serious. A clip of the Weekly Arab Corner, an Arab language column on the Youtube channel of Israeli medium InfoLive. The week’s topic is, Sex, Taboo in the Arab World. Which according to the clip description isĀ a complex and taboo subject in Arab society, a topic that is almost impossible to talk about.

It definitely proved to be impossible to talk about by the presenter of Weekly Arab Corner, Firas Hamed. For this exciting subject he found two issues: one is an Egyptian man who’s so virile he can rip coins with his fingers, and has 34 wives with whom he makes love 15 times a day. The other is the cruising culture of Iranian youth, who pick up boys and girls as the government doesn’t allow them to do anything exciting. Enjoy:

Firas dear, if you ever decide to make a follow up on this subject, drop us a line, we’ve got plenty to share.