Want to speed up the advancement of your society? Well, one surprising way is to make sure everyone has access to a TV set. Feminism blog Jezebel tips us to a a study that links family size in India to the the amount of TV sets a community owns. In a nutshell, the more TVs the less children.

The report on India doesn’t specify the type of programme that has an effect on society. However, it seems the availability of any programme that show women in roles other than housewives destined to birth many children is enough to have an impact.

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In neighbouring Pakistan a new show called Taan (dubbed by Western press as Pakistan’s Glee) is designed to battle specific taboos. Featuring a cast of singing teenagers from various backgrounds, it hopes to get young people to care about the discrimination of Christians, the Muslim fanatics’ antipathy towards musicians and even the plight of homosexuals in Pakistan.

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We never thought we’d say this, but thank god for day time TV!