Updates have been patchy in the past two weeks, as we were quite busy following the Iranian elections. Following an election in a faux democracy is a strange and frustrating process, especially when people can only pick from a handful of preapproved candidates. Make no mistake though, for many Iranians the elections were about the social issues we care about on this blog. By massively voting for the reformist candidate Rohani many Iranians voted against the social policies of Ayatollah Khamenei and Ahmadinejad.

At the celebration party yesterday more than a few women cautiously showed their hair. Even if for a moment, this is what freedom looked like in Iran.



(Source: Female Equals Male Facebook page)

The elections are a big point of discussion for Iranians within and without the country. Should it be boycotted so as not to give legitimacy to a deeply undemocratic system? If one should vote, what type of candidate serves the people? To add to these discussions Human Rights monitoring organization Nabz Iran made two animations in which Iranians discuss politics and elections in a shared cab. The shared cab was a carefully picked location, the closed space temporarily allowing intimacy with anonymous strangers. Often long discussions are had with the driver and fellow passengers about various topics.

Here’s the passengers discussing the vetting of candidates by the guardian council:

(you can turn on subtitles on Youtube if you don’t speak Persian)

Anyway, we’re curious to see what the coming four years will bring the people of Iran.