Last week we posted the news of Cairo ladies getting schooled in Karate to fight off harassers. Here’s some other tips we’ve dug up from the internet that helps you to avoid unwanted attention from rapists. First off, read these golden nuggets by Indian politicians, security officers and holy men:

indian rape

Or simply do as Hong Kong’s security secretary advises; ladies, don’t drink!

Seriously though, these clueless men can go start a clueless, for a serious opinion about the issue of rape read this Times of India article by Anand Soondas, called Why Men Rape. Choise quote from the article:

If what happens to women on the roads of Delhi and Mumbai – other cities, too – is to stop, the change will have to come first at home, from the family. Boys, as they grow up, will have to be taught that their sisters are not there to get the leftovers – the one piece of chocolate that couldn’t be eaten, the tricycle with a broken wheel that couldn’t be driven, the school with expensive fees that couldn’t be afforded.