For most of us the name Saudi Arabia is pretty much synonymous with zero rights for women. But even that most conservative of all Islamic nations is oh so slowly inching towards modernity and gender equality. A while ago we already read about women being allowed to drive bicycles in enclosed areas for recreational purposes. And yes, if that’s progress it shows how far we still have to go. However here are the recent developments that warm our hearts:

The Guardian newspaper has reported that the ministry of education of Saudi Arabia will allow private girl schools to offer sports activities.

CNN tells us the tale of the first woman lawyer of the country. Women have been allowed to study law since 2005, so it’s about time the first woman also actually becomes active as a lawyer.

saudi arabia no more abuse


The message of the image of the social campaign might be missed if you just gloss over it, but a proper look shows how powerful it is. It’s part of a nation wide “No More Abuse” campaign by the King Khalid Foundation.

Yes, this is tiny progress, but progress nonetheless. So Saudi Arabian ladies, here’s a salute from the original British Tamil Bad Girl M.I.A.