On the facebook page of the Silk Rope Chronicles we posted this joke picture:

Feminist India

Our friend Dana responded with this great clip from the UK comedy show Goodness Gracious Me!

While it’s all good and well to joke around, but the stigmas that gays, lesbians and transgenders face currently face in India and surrounding countries are all too real. For those interested an interesting article about the current marriage laws in India can be found here.

However, having noted some obstacles, let’s have a look at some great news.

– For some years now, taboos about homosexuality are being broken by the progressive gay prince Manvendra Singh Gohil. His visibility is especially important as many Indians think homosexuality is an issue of lower castes, or imported from the west. Obviously the prince is as high born as they come (whatever that may mean) and home schooled. Read about him in this recent article on the Huffington Post.

– The Hong Kong LGBT community has started a new campaign to highlight their visibility. The videos are great, but can use many more views. So start clicking and watching them. Some of them are heartbreaking. While you’re at it, like their Facebook page too!

– And to close here’s some fun news from Kazakhstan. The predominantly Muslim former Soviet republic recently saw its first lesbian marriage. While not official (gay and lesbian marriages are not legal in Kazakhstan), still a great event. Make sure to look at all the pictures!