Our Dutch-Moroccan friend Samira currently resides in East-Jerusalem. This is a story she shared about a taxi ride in Tel Aviv:

Samira Taxi

An Israeli cab driver in Tel Aviv tells me he loves Arabic music.

I like Oum Kalthoum, Farid Al-Atrache, just Arabic music. But I also love the Beatles, He says, I don’t know why, I like all the songs.

He asks me if I’m married. To my no, he says; Why not? you are beautiful!… I wish your husband take good care of you.

I ask him what his favorite Oum Kalthoum song is.

He thinks about it for a while and responds: Enta Omri..’You are my life’… So Samira, think about it!

And just before we reach my destination, he calls out; You know what I mean..?! You are my life!