Pakistan never ceases to amaze us. While for some it’s the home of conservative Madrassas that serve as a breeding ground for the most regressive brands of Islam, it’s also the country that has voted women to the highest position of power (we are yet to see a woman president or prime minister in Western countries such as the US and the Netherlands). It’s also a country that since 2009 has recognized “eunuchs”, i.e. transgender indivuduals, as a third gender.

The Huffington Post prints a pretty cool article by Agence France Press on Transgender candidates who are running for local and national offices in Pakistan.



Pictured is Sanam Faqeer, one of seven transgender candidates up for election. While the chances of her being elected to a post are slim, she’s well loved in her immediate community, with many neighbours rooting for her.

“People don’t believe we can be corrupt because we don’t have children and families,” says independent candidate Sanam Faqeer in the southern city of Sukkur. “We don’t need to collect wealth and build villas for our next generations by stealing people’s money as other politicians do,”

Rock on Sanam, you’ve got our vote.