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Sex in Kurdistan #2

A few days ago we published the first article by Dutch-Iranian writer/journalist Nafiss Nia. Here’s the second installment in her articles about Kurdistan.   Sex in Kurdistan #2…


Turkey’s Trials and Tribulations

Suddenly it occured to us we didn’t do a news round up from Turkey since… well forever! Which is a shame, as Turkey is one of the most…

What’s in a game?

Two videos that show the emancipatory power of sports for women. The first one about women’s football in Ramallah (Palestine). A bit hesitant to post this, as in…

indian oral

Vocal about Oral #2

It seems our first post on Oral Sex has gotten some tongues to wag. Opinions have been posted on our Facebook page (feel free to add your voice)….

Vocal about Oral #1

Sex¬†is such a tiny word for such a wide range of experience. Something to be had intimately with one person for a very long time, always finding more…


War on Women #2

All the examples we wrote about in our last War on Women post where metaphorical. They didn’t speak of an actual war involving violent skirmishes and fights, though…

mana women

War on Women #1

The Egyptian-American journalist and activist Mona Altahawy shocked the Arabic world by naming her article on the oppression of women “why do they hate us”, talking about Arabic…

football fan

Why Football (and other sports) matter so much for Iran

Iran gets ready for its (possible) final match of the World Cup and Iranians worldwide prepare to party hard in support of their team regardless of the outcome….

India, Rape and the worth of women

Only days after the rape, killing and hanging of two teenage girls¬†Babulal Gaur, BJP leader and Madhya Pradesh Home Minister said about rape “Sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s…

Your Veil is Still a Battle Ground

When the protests after the 2009 elections in Iran died down (were succesfully beaten down) the desire of Iran’s youth to do something about their circumstance didn’t die…